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Fav this tweet if you'd ever want to join the instance.
This pin will serve as a way to gauge how many people will be interested.

The VVitch fucking ruled. Definitely one of the favs from this month.

I think when life for me becomes Jobbed again, i’m gunna become one of those people super into keyboards for no real reason. Clickity clack.

I may have fucked up & forgot to buy compressed air but i think i should be fine.

Yooo my keyboard cleaner assistant got here, finally gunna get the cleaning done this weekend

Update: we got mostly shy ones who wouldn’t murder me, but i did lock a friend out of the bathroom when the hunt started, so that whipped.

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Auxy got me plasmophobia & i’m very excited to shit my pants when we try it for the first time. The alternate route is that i throw someone else into the basement & run, which is what i’m opting for.

The hades video game looks good but i shouldn’t start a new video game when i havent finished hollow knight (& probably wont because i got lost & overwhelmed in some area)

I need some white lightbulbs cuz these yellow ones depress the shit out of me.

I’m really good at making the posts & paying the taxes, aaaa

I think I broke "who to follow" because all it shows me anymore is just people who follow me. Nice.

must be nice to be a stupid white artist who can just get away with anything on the world wide web, do your stupid little tweets with no problems at all

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