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Fav this tweet if you'd ever want to join the instance.
This pin will serve as a way to gauge how many people will be interested.

Every day i wake up & feel like this, with the digital content. Anyone else feel like this, with the digital content? No, with the digital content?

Update: i have discovered i am extremely bad at crossbow/range weapon playstyle. Just give me the hammers. Thanks.

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The past 3 or so nights i keep getting a headache consistently before i get into bed around 2-3am. Pretending its cuz my brain is expanding & not cuz my sleep schedule is bad, actually.

Trying out Dead Cells for the first time and this music is NICE. Instantly much more connected to the energy of this game already.

Cant wait for everyone who follows me to support me with super follows :)


Twitter announces β€œSuper Follow”, like Patreon but on Twitter


trying to save $$ by taking advantage of this game pass trial, it's finally time to try Control. Honestly pretty excited.

Wait i read closer, this is one of the PvP shooters. Sad now....…

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Finally slithers out of bed to put a pot pie in the oven just to slither back to bed

Its too cold.

i made the mistake of checking web twitter and now that I see what happened in america today, I can go to bed angry. It's cool, easy, and free.

So mad that i went to bed early only to wake up from 2-5am then sleep in till 12. Time to do the exact same thing again tonight.

People who say "not a fan of this usually but you did X great" in the art piece comments, you don't need that first bit, no one asked or will remember that you don't usually like it, I promise.

I fucked up and saw a pizza on the internet so now I want one of the shitty local pizz hvt ones. Brains are worthless.

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