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Fav this tweet if you'd ever want to join the instance.
This pin will serve as a way to gauge how many people will be interested.

I’ve been dealing with imposter syndrome for a week now but i’m doing my best to fake it & not leave twitter like i usually do. Brains are hard to deal with.

A character i’ve been waiting in since jan is finally finished & she perfect. I’ll show her soonβ„’

Since deltarune came up tonight, i’m reminded of my favorite gif ever ever



What happens in your head when you do 6 + 8 ?


I got a new character i wanna show off but i’m gunna give my lopunn a lil more time before that.

I’m running on barely 5 hours of sleep & i’m feeling like an idiot fucker.

It doesnt feel like sunday & i wish it wasn’t cuz i reeeeally don’t feel like working tomorrow

Has anyone tried furry dot online, & do you like it so far
It seems interesting at least.

Yes i realize that my twitter is extremely boring & 1 dimensional but that’s also just Me as a person babey.

Hmmmm does β€œViral” sound like a good character name. Maybe. Tweeting it as a test & it already seems kinda β€œhmm”.

I finally treated myself by buying some ice cream while it was on sale, imm about to go ham

My internet on speedtest claims to be fine but every picture on every website is loading like molasses. This is pain

Another Saturday of showing off characters I have for sale! If you haven't seen em yet, I'd appreciate a peek in case you wanna take a new friend home.

Again, thankful for any RTs!


Character Sale Thread!
All of these characters will have prices listed both on TH and here. At the end I may include some tentative characters that I may let go of if the offer is right :}~

RTs appreciated! πŸ’œ


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