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Fav this tweet if you'd ever want to join the instance.
This pin will serve as a way to gauge how many people will be interested.

Me rn going to bed at 5am knowing full well im gunna force myself awake at 11am so i dont waste my whole sunday asleep



SPOILERS but i can’t believe toriel actually no one is reading this, you’re either all playing the game or avoiding twitter anyways she got a renamon cosplay

It's very funny to me that apex is gunna be broke for probably a whole week of the event and there's gunna be no extension or compensation beyond "okay it MIGHT be fixed now, have fun!"

Hope the lady who heard me whispering β€œsausage milk” has a good day.

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Idk why i use a grocery/note app when i end up just chanting to myself like a lil freak what stuff i need when i go shopping

I am going to need some of you to follow me on alt accounts, i am very very close to being famous..…

Its very funny how like, super fine i am with my voice until i hear it back in a recording then im like β€œthis sounds like an unlikeable fagbag that yells too much”. Need to learn how to sound stupid sexier.

Twitter gave me the Spaces function, i’m finally popular enough *doesnt use it*

It's always after getting a nice build going.........................................

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Me: Haven't played dead cells in a while. Maybe I should try actually seeing if I can deliver some cells to the forge

The game:

Proton mail, who claim they don't keep IPs, have handed the IPs of climate activists over to the French police. The activists had their homes searched and were arrested.

So the only way Protonmail is secure is if you use a VPN

When you could make icons big on twitterrific, that was the shit. Sad they took that out.

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Anytime I update my icon on social media sites, it makes me miss forums for giant ass avis. Hell yeah I wanna see a cool picture that you use to represent you.

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