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Fav this tweet if you'd ever want to join the instance.
This pin will serve as a way to gauge how many people will be interested.

aw fuck, I can't find any the art files I had on my old laptop. Guess who's having to turn on an old af laptop.

I discovered cave spiders and that burnt me immediately out of playing minecraft for the rest of the night.

What sucks about comming artists that you haven’t commed before is not knowing the wait time associated with it.

I sacrificed too much sleep, i can feel it. I’m already prepping to sleep my lunch break away.

Extremely sad i have to leave my bed rn, its so nice & warm.

Wish I wasn't a dumb bitch at math, cuz the "rewards back" credit cards are hard to pick from

People commissioning ovi porn today? On jesus’ birthday?

Fucking… braver than the marines.

I finally found diamonds & got super excited cuz there was obsidian near by, so i went to go make a pick out of them.
Made the pick but died to fall damage accidentally. Went back, pick was gone. What a downer.

also resisting comms is too HARD why must good artists keep tempting me.

Decide to use the twitter app for once & the first thing it shows me is a tweet from someone i didn’t even realize softblocked me. Lame start to my saturday.

Gunna slap on some of my best sleep tunes & hope for the best

I stayed up just a hair too late & now it’s nearly 1am & i’m not sleepy. Not good, imo.

Sorry for the minecraft posts like 200 years later than everyone else, but i’m very old, slow & behind the curve with anything & everything. Minecraft is part of that. πŸ›

after posting this, I tried swimming up the waterfall next to me, realized I didn't know the controls for swimming, and drowned.
Rip 2 hours of mining.

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