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Fav this tweet if you'd ever want to join the instance.
This pin will serve as a way to gauge how many people will be interested.

I need to go back in time, just a little bit, to go ask the moodboard making Sevi where their magic went because I cannot make anymore for the life of me!!! Shit suxs.

I remember back in college i was in a tiny music forum of people who did Album of the Week listens and reviews and I miss that a bit. But then it died out and then I moved to /mu/ lol and that was pretty tame.

Honestly though, I should really jump back into listening to music way more. I'm missing out.

I haven't listened to music in a "sit down and enjoy it" sense in a long time, so I decided to fix that with the new blanck mass album and hoooooly shit. This is exactly what I needed in my life so far.

I have no clue if i should let her be on raising them or if i should contact the vet for advice.


A cat gave birth to like 6-7 kittens in my backyard. Guess its hers now.

Oh that’s right, snektember is coming up soon, and so is halloween. I need to get art ideas going p quick.

On 1 hand, it makes sense to me cuz i use twitter to keep track of artists & i just can’t figure out how to do that here. But on the other hand, I would adore getting away from twitter more. This place is less junked up than twitter and the mobile app is wayyyy better than what I exp on twit.

I still need to think about it. The bill to renew everything is up soon so I guess I’ll find out my decision pretty quick.

So lately i’ve been feeling the need to shut down this instance, simply because I don’t dedicate enough time here.

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