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Fav this tweet if you'd ever want to join the instance.
This pin will serve as a way to gauge how many people will be interested.

Not true, we’re both very good at vibing & having a good time


A hierarchy of alienness: Pictures of animals from least to most related to you.

Least-related animal: Sponges. You and sponges are both animals. That's basically all you've got in common.


Hate when my cc doesnt bill me the day im used to cuz now i dont wanna buy things until it hits a new cycle.

Idk what they did to discord but its just eating all my mobile notifs now. Hellish.

On the side, PlateUp is very good for friend shenanigans. Would recommend it.

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Love to be a toxic & red flag relationship where i witness put the kitchen sink in the customer seating area & use only 1/10 of the kitchen space when playing a cooking game.

I will say though, the king’s canyon changes are very noticeable. Loot doesnt feel as shit as before. The lighting is really nice too. Them laser sight attachments though…… kinda weird.

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Oh man, seeing the spitfire in apex take light ammo…. Disgusting. Stop it.

I think its fucked how theres a maze RNG final round in fall guys. My one chance at my pure mechanical skill (read: not falling over due to a slight breeze of wind) is taken away due to a fake door. Bull shit.

Ohhhh me stupid, what kind of fool says “i wanna stay awake late” then lays down on the couch, oooo i fell asleep. Theres no recovering from this.

Anyone else being problematic today? I am. I’m drinking cold drinks with a sensitive tooth atm. It sucks.

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