Uh fuck, here we go πŸ’¦ blame @Auxyranny@twitter.com
Gen 1 - Tentacruel || Gen 2 - Sneasel
Gen 3 - Seviper || Gen 4 - Weavile
Gen 5 - Zoroark || Gen 6 - Aegislash
Gen 7 - Salazzle || Gen 8 - Cinderace

I woke up to be on time for work, got there & remembered i dont have my laptop so i cant work. I woke up early for nothing.

I stunned a villain & she got a lil cute confused face πŸŒ€πŸŒ€

Okay, gacha game good; add me gamers. If you aren’t ovvi who you are, i’ll decline, so hmu here.

Not even watching the event & this is the vibe everyone is throwing off

I never delete pictures so i am always ready for these challenges.

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β€œDescribe yourself ONLY with pictures you have, you CANNOT search or download new pictures.”

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Did i just log in to pokemon gun becoming canon

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For those wondering what happened to the narrator at the end of the

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