also resisting comms is too HARD why must good artists keep tempting me.

I think I discovered this spot too early for my meager mind to comprehend what to do with it.

*gently rubs against my computer screen* you're going to be real soon, I promise

Every day i say to myself i need to clean out my photos on my phone but everyday the number grows & i say β€œoh no, maybe tomorrow”

every so often, I think about this image. It radiates energy but I don't know what

im gunna keep it real with you chief

this is my favorite album artwork ive seen in a long ass time

This is my only contribution/reminder to Homestuck Day, but don’t be fooled, it’s a piece of art similar to a sculpture: timeless

Me: my stomach hurts & i have a huge headache. I should just nap through lunch & take some medicine
Coworker texting me: where you wanna eat, i’m buying

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