Living by yourself means you can clean the house with your titties out

Current emotion: homer singing β€œsugar do do do doo doo”

I’m laughing that they’re releasing DBD on switch, it’s gunna be a mess

Me staring at the tl because everyone is about to start live tweeting & i’m a video game bimbo who doesn’t know shit about fuck

I will leave the choice β€œshould i get wings for dinner” in twitter’s hands. Please consider wisely.

Work is being extremely annoying today & i’m not a fan of it

I’m very sleepy but i need to do more cleaning before bed πŸ’€πŸ’€

I wanna, fuckin suck some yoshi toes


If you were kidnapped and were being forced to tweet so things appeared normal, what would you tweet to alert us you need help?


LRT Lemme be real Rouge in sonic riders made me realize that being goth & purp was important

Told myself i was gunna go to bed early but im a fool whom loses track of time easy, ugh

How do you keep track of artists that you want to commission?

Tbt i would probably do it if i was still living with my mom, but this scalie has bills now

I bought a vΓΈrnado heater based on the name alone & it broke after 5 minutes, so I guess that’s on me for trusting them to know to how wield the vore name.

@Rei you can see the concentration it’s taking them to make the golf turf doesn’t consume em

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