Me last year: I get burnt out by consistently only playing one game, I should switch between them so I can stay fresh
Me today: I am not fresh, I need something more now.

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I think i accidentally video gamed myself out of my fav video games despite consistently switching between 4 of them, what the fuck brain.

Forgot to defrost the meal i was gunna have so i will simply die

Why do they call it 4th of july when you 4th of in july of out july the 4th be with you.

Gunna try to get on pillowfort i think, it looks like its getting a decent chunk of attention that using it won’t be too much of a problem

im not pretending officer, i just, I just was listening because I like it

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there he is officer

There's the man who pretends to listen to swans so he can get music twinks talk to him

feels bad remembering that mff 2020 vid of the interview and feeling the hype seeing nas, then he just up and shits himself on twitter while feeling no remorse.

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