Would have respected it more if he had had a meltdown of slurs, at least it’d be more upfront & honest.

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The FNAF guy’s reddit β€œapology” is so funny for being like β€œi love the gays, & i know what’s best for you but also fuck you”.

I have died 39 deaths in Apex due to @Auxyranny@twitter.com popping off too hard to a new video game soundtrack & leaving me to die. I died to bazinga.

To the mosquito that got me when i went outside exactly once today: hope the rain tonight gets ya

Why have i seen 2 separate tweets from big twitter accounts complaining about marvel movies & praising speed racer lol

Texas really be getting those may showers & flowers as much as possible, what the fuck is with all these thunderstorms

β€œSevere thunderstorm warning” haha i get those all the time, its always just nothing

The severe thunderstorm:

I hope theres a way of showing who’s paid for twitter like the way you see donor icons or special symbols. That would be even funnier.

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"Wow" said no one, "if you made a separate spot for screws, does that mean you've got your main base all set up?"

absolutely not, never ever

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Never running out of fucking screws again, thank you 4 pure iron nodes for existing next to each other.

All the power to this poster but its very funny that twitter highlighted them to me this way. Massive win for the algorithm.

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So occasionally i get those β€œcheck out these topics” on a priv account i never use and well

Sports, Huh Twitter.

Finally decided to watch Bojack Horseman out of boredom & it’s pretty alright.

This decision only affects me because they’re gunna push it to overwatch 1. How dare they.

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