Deep Rock stays winning


The narrated trailer for Deep Rock Galactic - Season 01: Rival Incursion is here! Learn more about the new mission, the lethal new hardware, and the FREE battle pass coming to Steam November 4!


I finally got her……………… free from this banner at last

Ouugh….. my hoodie draw string got pulled almost out by the drawer. Pain.

It was very bad but I had fun so, that means it was a good movie. 4/10 would watch again.

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I got a paypal request for $83 from some random ass that said β€œADOPT FROM DEVIANTART” & i knew it was fake because i never bid numbers that dont end with 5 or 0. Nice try fool.

To whoever or whatever is giving me a ghost notification on this account, I will dox you.

β€œJust throw some chocolate into your regular dr pepper”


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Its so dumb that twitter DMs dont embed if its deemed β€œsensitive content” aka NSFW.

I think twitter was really bad when people were discussing Tom Nook’s politics, & i think we should bring it back.

Oh man, touching animal crossing again is bringing back the love for katt. Perfect little creature.

I left it in a blank slate because i was trying to make a rock garden, & fucked up my placements hard enough that i wasted hours worth of work on it. We’ll see if these updates make me go back & fix things up.

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The updates to ACNH look solid enough that i may open up my hell island again…….. barren & nasty.

This is not a joke, i made a grumpy fuck take a shine to me by eating cooking oil then eating bird seed (that i later found out was a home for rats). Cool dude after that. Hope you’re doing good out there.

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Its very fucked up that its not easy to get popular online when offline I made everyone at my last job like me by eating cooking oil. If it was that easy online, you would all be dead, like me.

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