Imagine having more than 3 brain cells.… gosh i wish that i was me.

Okay, honesty hour: 35E. I will accept being canceled now.

The instantaneous replies have sent me a little higher today

I dont wanna start tonight cuz i dont have a lot of time, but I wanna stream some Prey starting this week. I’ll link it once I get going & it’ll probably be during the evening (6-7PM CST).

Nice, it sounds good & looks decent enough on my phone. Now just to get a mic for this dang thing

Gunna try a test stream tonight, just to see if I have the basics figured out. Idk if it'll auto-post about it, but if it does, that's what I'm doing.

I think my favorite thing about work, is being asked questions i dont know the answer to. I love being full of empty nothing. Thats right bitch, i cannot help you.

guess who’s a dumb bitch & forgot to save their favs before it refreshed. It sucks now. How could i let this happen.

Runner ups, way too fucking lazy to list it like the first tweet: Arbok, Umbreon, Banette (3rd gen was GOAT tbh, way too many runner ups to pick from), Lopunny, Roggenrola (BABY), Delphox, Lurantis, Runerigus

Holy fuck there's too many damn pokemon, what the fuck

Uh fuck, here we go πŸ’¦ blame
Gen 1 - Tentacruel || Gen 2 - Sneasel
Gen 3 - Seviper || Gen 4 - Weavile
Gen 5 - Zoroark || Gen 6 - Aegislash
Gen 7 - Salazzle || Gen 8 - Cinderace

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