I am NOT hungover, i am just dehydrated, sore, sweaty, fucked up & slightly miserable. They are not the same.

Being horny on main is a crime i wont do it but i will say this: its a ficking crime i dont have big tits & im not a renammon. Thank tou for reading.

One if my friends told me to drink 2 cuos of rum & i did & she WENT TO BED how dare you

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it's super windy today and it's making my internet poo poo

I haven't touched GY!BE in a while, and Asunder was just decent enough in my book, but this track is pretty good to hear. youtu.be/iebbQ9KYMx8

Hmmmmm, so reading up on it, i can only have this one island on the switch. Meaning if i gay it up, i have to delete the gay if my sis decides she wants to visit my island. Awkward but feasible I guess.

Cracks knuckles

I’m being a bad person & buying animal crossing in a bit.

going bed at 1, 2am is probably not my smartest idea but like, what else is there.

Its after midnight so i will promote my AD until i go to bed in a little. @SnakeChurch_@twitter.com & i will decide your fate if you get in or not. Nothing personal, i just prefer it to be cozy.

I like I told myself "This noise sounds pretty garbo" then readjusted my headphones and changed my mind in 10 seconds. That's called being an audiophile.

been slowly reading up on what it takes to start a D&D thing cuz, I have that time now.... but I think the investment may be worth it. We'll see.

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