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I’m barely 3 episodes in but Tuca & Bertie is sooooo good

4 people at work got fired this week & i’m just like β€œgotta keep my head down, i just wanna mow hay”

Breadstick & rye chips were the only good tasting things in here


Tag yourself, I'm mini breadstick


I rewatched part 1 & 2 of Jojo while on my lunch breaks these past weeks & it’s really nice enjoying the the different art style contrast from part 5

Someday i’ll get my lopunny commission made & done, then its over for all of you

That should be all of them, thanks for looking and putting up with the tweets everybody. I may bump the whole thread every now n then, apologies in advance.

TENTATIVE CHARACTERS ONWARD. I won't price these characters, offer what you like (trade/$$$) and I may go for it!
Xabrina by babemagnet is up for offers, she comes with 1 NSFW pinup piece by toddnet

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