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So one thing i didnt expect was a design request to get fullfilled so i went & commed the same design this month. But long story short, i have 2 mega-lops now. Or maybe 1, idk i’ll have to do some thinkin.

Ggghghhh, my house loan got transferred to a new company & thats fine, but now i’m nervous they’re gunna make my payment late because of it, & i’ll get hit with a dumb fee.

I have too many characters in the sense that: I don’t know which one to make my icon to next

I had to stay up for work but i have a piss easy work week since i’m only working 3 days. But time for sleep beep

Genesect if i had to pick (but they’re all so so)
Umbreon then vaporeon


Ok y’all. What’s your favorite
1- PokΓ©mon overall
2- legendary (any)
3- eeveelution
4- electric rodent


Actually i may do that, i have a mastodon account (which handles threading a LOT better) so maybe i’ll crosspost from there to it. Weekend plans.

Me, with 3 active twitter accounts: i should make a new twitter for showing off characters so i don’t post titty on main.

Everyone at work is determined to piss me off today, it owns

I’ve been dealing with imposter syndrome for a week now but i’m doing my best to fake it & not leave twitter like i usually do. Brains are hard to deal with.

A character i’ve been waiting in since jan is finally finished & she perfect. I’ll show her soonβ„’

Since deltarune came up tonight, i’m reminded of my favorite gif ever ever



What happens in your head when you do 6 + 8 ?


I got a new character i wanna show off but i’m gunna give my lopunn a lil more time before that.

I’m running on barely 5 hours of sleep & i’m feeling like an idiot fucker.

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