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I have a lot less work than normal to do this weekend so i’m gunna use that to clean my emails up, for once..

I technically could tomorrow but I dont wanna be hung over sunday

Ooooooh I'm big dummy, I totally could have drank tonight

I decided to say fuck grass & skipped lawn work to do a character moodboard. Feeling refreshed tbh.

This week has been too busy and this weekend will not change anything. I would like to breathe.

Oh heck the new dr mario game came out recently, i should try it

Today is the last day of my 4 day weekend..… much sadness..… much to think about….

I tried exploring minecraft mods for grins & wow a lot of them made me realize i’m not as into grinding as i thought.

for some reason the local water has started giving me heartburn and it took 3 weeks to realize this and switch to bottled water. I've never felt more alive and hydated. I'm going to pee pure water.

I didn’t do this because i found out i made one a long time ago, but now i need to decide if i want the username to stay the same or change it up


Okay today I should make that Art Twitter account.


Me monday: this 4 day weekend will be perfect for me to break out the rum
My stomach: bitch please guess again

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