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Love how your body says β€œi’m dehydrated please drink water” & i do it but then it says β€œyou drank too much, your stomach will hurt starting now” & somehow thats my fucking fault

UPDATE: i burned the first batch & the second came out poorly, it was a sign that i should have gotten em from a fast food place instead

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DM notifs have been hella broke for a minute, what gives

Huh, so i guess i got a free year of apple tv for this new phone. Nice i guess.

Does anyone have a post of what the new OW2 offers, dont really feel like watching a vid on it

Time to update the ole username & icon to not be halloweenie

Very glad to not be involved with other people’s bullshit *sips monster*

Woe to all who inhabit the earth for now I walk among you

For on my day of wrath
Go & hide yourselves
Who among you will be able to stand?

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With twitter’s cropping, no one will see the joke.


I dreamt of this image last night, proving that the internet is a curse.

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