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Whos even awake this late on a friday night, or better yet: who’s on twitter babey, cuz i am

Actually ill let twitter be my angle & devile for this, should i drink more, please vote

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Lol i was aiming for 2 cups but no sir i’m already on a nice buzz with 1

Ive decided that i should be full of bad decisions since its technically my first free night for my vacation, so i’m getting ready to Rum it up

So glad its friday because wew if i’m not ready at all. I need to start packing n shit.

Honestly if i can grab the @ handle of the pokemon i literally named myself after, i will be content.

not in the mood for shooty FPS so I will put destiny 2 on hold and begin my 2nd playthrough of RUINER

despite having not played DBD in ages, the new killer looks fucking SICK

I would like to trade in the brain cells that remember twitter/deviant art history for brain cells that are driven to do something productive, tahnk you

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Remembering random bits of twitter history is fucking dumb because sometimes you remember the funny shit like semper fi or whatever or you remember that idiot who got mad that someone brought his β€œboil my pee & poo” tweet to life.

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