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I completely forgot to do that yesterday, so lets fix this & do it later today

Get your votes in, i’m shocked that gator was overtaken by dream derg


The time has come, pick the next character my commission is about


There was a hashtag trending a couple of weeks ago of fursonas with 3 albums that i didn’t do...… cant do it now, its not trendy anymore. But if i were doing it, i’d do it for some of my sonas maybe.

Yes, i decided to make them more descriptive because its a lot less interesting to just keep posting just species names.
No, i won’t show you the characters each one is describing, this is part of the fun.

The time has come, pick the next character my commission is about

I am just not a good shopper, lads. I see a thing & i stare at it for months before deciding β€œmaybe i do want this actually”.

Love 2 accidentally see a tv on sale & haughtily assume β€œoh you silly thing, you can go down in price a bit more” then check a few days later to see it actually went up more. I’m a genegus.

I dont tweet much but i’m extremely good at retweeting my niche of cool shit. Thinking i should get paid for how good i am at it *someone pulls me aside*

I’ve been informed this is just the step to reposting other people’s content for ad cash.

To retweet gore on main..… even if i’m in it........… i shan’t.

I’ve been playing a fuck ton of subnautica recently alongside blasphemous & EFT, & honestly, it feels good to enjoy really good games that i want to play again.

I redownloaded snapchat to meme around with & friendos. But its already become extremely cursed.

Running on 5 hours of sleep & i’m regretting it slightly

LRT look at them. LOOK AT THEM. That’s MY GIFT FROM AUXY.

The timeline seems like hot mess so i’m gunna go back to not posting for a bit more actually.

Mmmmmmm FA updated the ui for their beta & i dont like it, much.

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