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FINALLY AT 800ISH, i am almost....................... done...........

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finally got under 3k submissions to go through on FA, now to clean out another 1k

ASMR I try showing you a power electronics track but you don't like it very much so the camera keeps turning away from me [PREMIUM]

Those people saying "landlords getting fucked is like a drug" aint joking, shit's intoxicating.

Diversity for the win! America elects its first dead president!

Not being at work is giving me big anxiety, which says a lot about a lot. Kinda sucks shit.

Joe Biden is a hologram now, & that’s that. We’ll see him at next year’s super bowl.

Eeuugh, all of this rain/moist weather means humid mornings, i forgot. Picked a bad time to do yard work.

Monday....… pretty sure theres something someone said about these days.....… not sure of the exact quote but im feeling it.......…

Oh man, idk what i did to my stomach but i sense impending ache. *distinctly remembers cracking open the monster from earlier* why i feel bad is a mystery

Very glad to have cleaned house, it lifted some bad head fog.

The ambient sitting in my music library: they havent pushed play on us in months..… why are we here..…
Me, with headachey: your time has come

I like the painterly style they did in ACNH but its weird that instead of making it a choice, they got rid of the pixel style entirely. Wonder if they’ll bring it back

The problem isnt that our town is a hotspot for the virus (we’re a little dirt town basically), the problem is that every town next to us said β€œhey they probably have stock!! Lets go get it”.

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Thankfully i am good on TP since its just me but i am annoyed… to not have any cleaning wipes or paper towels rn.

Big headaches & lots of cleaning to do so its strictly ambient/drone music 2day

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