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need to get a ref sheet for my rena sona..... but I need a new ref sheet for snake. So many ref sheets............................ so little time............................

I seem to be slowly losing followers so now is my chance to become a Southpark Shipping Account

I am now awake for no particular reason, so lets go chill in bed

I put too much time for that to hide in mentions but that will be the only time I self retweet that

Crucible is being advertised to me on twitter & i havent heard of it anywhere else. Wonder if that’s a sign.

played deep rock galactic with auxy and I was there for this.................. truly touching..........



As part of the all-cash deal with Cards Against Humanity, staffers became majority owners of the site. Now that they're back, β€œthe only expectation, really, is that our writers will write things that they are excited about."


I posted that poll and I immediately lost it to my own timeline, I may be following too many people still

I have some designs that I wanna redesign, but since I'm a lazy fool, I will let twitter decide which one I should do first via image-less poll. Go in blind

oh god, DBD is gunna have their 4th anniversary soon............. do I actually go look at it.

Someone on FA commented on my snake art where they are really long (the one pinned on my profile) with this and friend,

Is this a compliment. Are you calling me old. Am I a granny. Is that your thing.

Congrats on having a giant ass community of artists but you couldn't hire 1 person to have a good design idea

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Looooool everyone on deviantart is made about the UI change and honestly? It's pretty fucking shit.

Man, june 1st is gunna be a make or break day for my patreon subscriptions if that sales tax is as bad as i think it may be

After not touching apex in 2 years, it was kinda nice playing again

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