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Also only having 10 pulls for the thorns banner hurt me, because i blew my load on the w banner to get weedy. Now i’m weedy-less & thorns-less. I’m the epitome of suffering & loss.…

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I forgot how bad this arknights event was, having to grind for currency to pull item gacha..… then grind sanity so you can grind currency for item gacha..… then grind for event-only items so you can finish the checklist...…

More artists should use discord/telegram groups to curate their notifs, imo

I'm revisiting Flower Boy and it's better than I remember.

Not reading this website for 2 days & i already dont know what anyone is saying, oh hell yeah baby, tower of babel effect is a fucking go

opening my brain up to more industrial techno and its good

more interested in the less aggro stuff cuz thats the carti vibe I dig more, but like, his aggro stuff isn't even that aggro, I think the wrong audience got latched to him cuz of Die Lit and wasnt ready for change.

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finally listening to the new Playboi Carti and from all the comments calling it bad, I was expecting worse. This is alright, some tracks are really good actually. Not another Die Lit but I respect it.

β€œHeart to Heart: Cops takes selfie with terrorists”

& there we go, a person’s been shot. How many more are gunna happen today.

Im gunna keep making up imaginary guys to get mad about, check this out.

An excited redditor quickly posting β€œI’m glad this is america, if you did this in a LEFTY country, you’d be executed for thought crime.”

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I can imagine tonight one of them is gunna go home into his cozy house & bed & be like β€œwow that was fun! I should storm the White House more often!” And its advancing my popcorn lung even further.


BREAKING: A source tells me The Defense Department has just denied a request by DC officials to deploy the National Guard to the US Capitol.


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