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After talking about for over a year, snake 3.0 has dropped baby. Patch notes include modern legs, way more tail & 100% more sex appeal. Β§evi snake is back.

🎨 Art by whom you should support n follow if you don’t!

*bolting upright* i never posted my new ref sheet on main, i should fix that

This email’s aura feels threatening, especially with crashing staring me in the eyes

Amber & rain pack your fucking bags


Twitter says it’s releasing a feature that automatically detects "mean" replies on its service and prompts people to review the replies before sending them.


May the 5 be with you, I scheduled this tweet on 8/8/20 and I'm gunna see if I forget that I did it or not.

The best part of having no pets or kids is that the stray cats just use your backyard to chill. Pretty sure I get a cycle of 3-6 cats in my yard. Yall do you.

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Looking at the process, its not like..… hard, I think. It just seems like it’ll be time consuming just for music metadata.

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Think i’ve hit β€œbrain old & lazy” because i was reading how well Plex does on your HDD & everyone says β€œoh yeah just put your metadata on your SDD & use symbolic links :)”

Never mind, 101 pulls & mudrock is home, thank god this wasnt a repeat of the weedy/w banner.

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70 pulls for rosemontis & at 98 with no mudrock. Heres hoping i can get her before the banner ends.

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