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I should start scheduling tweets with stuff like “yes i saw the news but have we talked about me today :3c” to see if i can get myself in trouble. If I am willing to cause problems for others, this includes future sevi.

Its freaky friday, & that means I’m gunna get freaky tonight with BILLS

As a general post since I havent really addressed this before, this is not a horny account to all those who follow after seeing me get some good art. You’re fine following me but you won’t get consistent “content”. I’m just posting.

I'm reaching critical mass of tweeting anything without meaning anything but meaning so much, sorry if you're paying attention but I assure you: I'm normal and fine.

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Incredibly excited for the weekend which consists of "nothing but normal activities but you're SEXED up off being sexy". The usual. The best.

Hmmm getting the “i forgot something really important” anxiety. Who wants my dick that bad that my empath skills are picking it up.

my notifications have calmed down from art notifs so now its time to tweet again. What about women's wrongs.

The worst habit i got into coming back to work like this was not wearing gloves, my fingers CANNOT resist that box cutter blade like ever.

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Work place accidents arent real & bloody if you put tape on fast enough lol

Ive decided that people who ask “i’m not annoying you am i” are the most annoying people in the world. I will not be taking questions at this time.

When food does the thing of tasting like something else, that’s SINFUL. Why do my pretzels taste like scrambled eggs. I’m so mad.


this whole "allow paste" thing in the new ios kinda annoying tbh

I’m very tired. Gunna cuddle renamon on the couch until its dinner time. Peace.

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You need to understand that as i go another year without therapy or proper drugs, the sevi you know & love becomes sexier. I’ll be a goth bimbo by 35.

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Having different masks for friendships is fine & smart, actually. “Be yourself all the time”, no. There are friends I can be all “heyyyy lol looking cute there” & then i got that one friend i send the meme telling them to die. And I’M the normal one. Where was i going with this.

I have GOT to get more than 6 hours of sleep tonight. Im dying.

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