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Somehow also unshocked the racist furry doesn’t know how to make better friends than β€œsomeone i can be racist with, is also someone i fear may dox & kill me”.

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Personally, & this may be just me, but maybe the racist furry should experience way more fallout IRL than losing followers on twitter. But one can only dream.

If i get banned, i will become a chupacabra specifically against ted cruz

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Decided i’m horny on main now, but i will literally do nothing different. This is just a passive change that hopefully leaves you in fear.

I’m glad that despite taking a few months away from it, dead cells still whips.

If i get too into the music, i look at eviction forms to calm down.

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Sometimes i get extremely fucked up & listen to the landlord music, i’ll confess it for all to see.

The best decision that Arknights made for contingency contracts was β€œyou can have little a leak, as a treat”.

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Fursona vs the album they listen to. Maybe i went too on the nose but listen, it works & i like it.


Fursona vs the album they listen to... nobody is surprised


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